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American Healthcare Leader highlights visionaries and experts who are drawn to the complex and compassionate nature of the healthcare industry. Through our high-quality media platforms and events, AHL unites motivated leaders who enhance our quality of life and set a new standard of care by navigating a challenging, highly regulated field.

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In promoting the success of executives and their diverse team of healthcare partners, American Healthcare Leader defines a new standard of healthcare excellence. We showcase the knowledge, passion, and personality required to take on the modern healthcare system. American Healthcare Leader has the network you need. Our audience is an exclusive network of healthcare innovators who call the shots at America’s top healthcare institutions. Advertise with us to increase your presence, get connected, and remain connected to the newsworthy stories of the industry.

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Founded in 2006, Guerrero is a minority-owned, privately held, executive advancement company at the intersection of media, professional networks and executive search with a specialization in the Latino professional marketplace and corporate DEI initiatives. In addition to Profile, Guerrero publishes American Builders Quarterly, American Healthcare Leader, Hispanic Executive, and Modern Counsel. Guerrero is reinventing the executive network through The Alumni Society, which brings together Latino alumni from prestigious private US colleges and universities.