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American Healthcare Leader brings together executives across the healthcare spectrum to address how to effectively lead their businesses amid the changes reshaping the industry. With a penchant of looking past the headlines and at the people shaping the future of their organizations, American Healthcare Leader is a publication that prepares leaders for what’s next in healthcare.

By bringing together a variety of these voices, American Healthcare Leader is your premier source for the latest in leadership, innovation, and policy, taking the pulse of the latest industry standards and developments. In each issue, you’ll get insight on:

Pulse: Keeping tabs on the companies that are implementing new and newsworthy initiatives by highlighting various people, practices, and processes that detail some of the latest developments in the industry

Life: Cataloguing stories that detail executives’ professional motivations and ambitions, articulating their purpose and mission in the big picture of healthcare and what they are achieving

Impact: Setting the right priorities and implementing best practices across healthcare organizations, featuring the notable difference-makers in healthcare

Prognosis: Exploring new innovations across the healthcare spectrum, from new research and treatments to patient care models, along with the people and organizations behind these projects

Our Network

“What the world knows is what they see in the media and online, and this article reflects very well of me and the company.”

Chris Verni,
Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Sarepta Therapeutics

“Super responsive and on top of things, very pleasant and professional interactions.”

Gordon Richman,
Vice President & Regulatory Compliance Counsel, Danaher Diagnostics Platform, Beckman Coulter

“Managing change is always a challenge. […] We have to assess the landscape and determine if different approaches are needed in the new reality to get us where we need to be.”

Jeannie Frey,
Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel, Presence Health

“I truly believe I’m on the side of the good guys.”

Anne Murphy,
Senior Vice President of Legal Affairs & General Counsel, Rush University Medical Center

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In promoting the success of executives and their diverse team of healthcare partners, American Healthcare Leader defines a new standard of healthcare excellence. We showcase the knowledge, passion, and personality required to take on the modern healthcare system. American Healthcare Leader has the network you need. Our audience is an exclusive network of healthcare innovators who call the shots at America's top healthcare institutions. Advertise with us to increase your presence, get connected, and remain connected to the newsworthy stories of the industry.
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Guerrero is committed to showcasing the best and brightest minds working in America today. Founded by Pedro Guerrero in 2006, Guerrero is an award-winning publisher based in Chicago. The company publishes American Builders Quarterly, American Healthcare Leader, Hispanic Executive, Modern Counsel, Profile Magazine, and Sync Magazine, and in 2015, helped launch The Alumni Society. In addition to its own publications, Guerrero has produced custom publications on behalf of several organizations, including Hispanics in Philanthropy and the US Green Building Council.

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