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American Healthcare Leader unites the visionaries and experts who are drawn to the complex and compassionate nature of the healthcare industry. AHL brings together leaders who are motivated to enhance our quality of life with those energized by the challenge of working in a highly regulated industry that impacts us all. Through our high-quality media, we help facilitate the insights and connections our executives need to define a new standard of care.

Editorial Calendar

July 2023

Code of Care

In an industry as vulnerable as healthcare, legal leaders are called to protect patients, institutions, and sensitive information. This series will showcase these lawyers and their expertise across intellectual property, litigation, data privacy, and cybersecurity.

Live 7/5/23

August 2023

Women in Healthcare Law

Despite strides to diversify, the legal industry is still white male dominated. This series will highlight women who have made a name for themselves within the healthcare legal fields and how they encourage others to do the same.

Live 8/21/23

October 2023

The Future Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped patient care, treatments, and the digitization of healthcare processes. As companies begin to consider the right improvements for the future, this series highlights their forward-thinking strategies and the technology that enables their initiatives.

Live 10/2/23

November 2023

Changing Childcare

Children comprise nearly a quarter of the US population. According to a survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 40 percent of children live with at least one chronic illness. In this series, we’re highlighting individuals and organizations behind the efforts of caring for our youth.

Live 11/13/23

January 2024

New Frontiers

Every day, scientists and researchers inspire the market and advance healthcare possibilities with new discoveries and inventions. This series showcases innovators and companies at the front lines of healthcare’s future.

Live 1/22/24

March 2024

Healthcare University

Across the United States, university health systems not only care for their communities and employees, but also drive innovation within the industry. This series will showcase the work of executives at some of the country’s leading university healthcare and medical systems.

Live 3/4/24

April 2024

Beyond the Counter

This series will explore the vast networks of people that each play a role in bringing critical medications to market. From executing critical trials and gaining FDA approval to marketing medicines and protecting intellectual property, this series will explore every aspect of a medicine’s life cycle.

Live 4/22/24

June 2024

State of Benefits

The people side of healthcare includes more than just the patients. This series will spotlight leaders who are taking care of their own workforce, from better benefits and elevated HR initiatives to mentoring the next generation of healthcare leaders.

Live 6/10/24