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American Healthcare Leader unites the visionaries and experts who are drawn to the complex and compassionate nature of the healthcare industry. AHL brings together leaders who are motivated to enhance our quality of life with those energized by the challenge of working in a highly regulated industry that impacts us all. Through our high-quality media, we help facilitate the insights and connections our executives need to define a new standard of care.

Editorial Calendar

June 2024

State of Benefits

The people side of healthcare includes more than just the patients. This series will spotlight leaders who are taking care of their own workforce, from better benefits and elevated HR initiatives to mentoring the next generation of healthcare leaders.

Live 6/10/24

August 2024

Women in Healthcare

This series will highlight women executives who have excelled in the healthcare industry, showcasing their expertise and how they are developing the next generation of female leadership in healthcare.

Live 8/26/24

October 2024

Supply Chain Superstars

Supply chain management is essential for healthcare institutions hospitals as they track inventory and quickly identify possible shortages. This series will highlight the executives who pivotal to helping hospitals run efficiently and effectively to best serve patients.

Live 10/14/24

November 2024

Cultural Competence

According to Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute, cultural competence is defined as the ability of providers and organizations to effectively deliver healthcare services that meet the social, cultural, and linguistic needs of patients. This series will showcase the leaders who understand that to provide the best care, cultural competence must be a top priority.

Live 11/13/24

February 2025

Insights into Healthcare Leadership

In one of the most impactful industries, healthcare leaders must prioritize population health. This series will highlight executives who share their purpose for being in healthcare and their respective industries and who are constantly evolving and continuing to find passion in their roles.

Live Feb 2025

March 2025

A Changed Workforce

In early 2020, healthcare as we knew it ended as COVID-19 spread across the globe. Leaders needed to pivot and evolve in response to the first worldwide pandemic in decades. This series will dive into how the industry has changed for the better and how executives are driving the future of healthcare.

Live Mar 2025