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American Healthcare Leader is delivered straight to the desks of those that create and implement life-changing innovations in healthcare. They are CEOs, presidents, CFOs, HR specialists, in-house counsels, physicians, IT specialists, executive directors, and more, and they are creating change in the American healthcare system. 

American Healthcare Leader has the news and network you need. Our audience is an exclusive network of high-caliber leaders who call the shots at America’s top healthcare companies.

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Ad Rates


Type 1x 2x 4x 6x
2-Page Spread Print Advertisement $15,640 $14,076 $13,294 $12,512
Full Page Print Advertisement $9,935 $8,942 $8,445 $7,948
2/3 Page Print Advertisement $7,710 $6,939 $6,554 $6,168
1/3 Page Print Advertisement $5,540 $4,986 $4,709 $4,432
Back Cover $18,204 $16,384 $15,473 $14,563
Inside Front Cover $14,317 $12,885 $12,169 $11,454
Inside Back Cover $12,738 $11,464 $10,827 $10,190


Type Rate
Website Banner Advertisement $3,500
E-Newsletter Advertisement (1 month) $3,500
Homepage Website Banner Advertisement (3 months) $4,500

Ad Specs

PRINT SIZES (all noted as width x height)

Type Bleed* Bleed Trim* Non-Bleed
2-Page Spread Print Advertisement 17.25" x 11.25" 17" x 11" N/A
Full Page Print Advertisement 8.75" x 11.25" 8.5" x 11" 7.897" x 10.2"
2/3 Page Print Advertisement (Horizontal)** N/A N/A 4.775” x 10.2"
1/3 Page Print Advertisement (Vertical)** N/A N/A 2.3" x 10.2"

*Notes for bleed specs: keep safety 3/8” from bleed; 1/4” from trim. American Healthcare Leader is sheetfed offset, perfect bound.
Publication trim size: 8.5” x 11”.

DIGITAL SIZES (all noted as width x height)

Type Size Description
Website Banner Advertisement 250 x 250 px Website Banner Advertisements appear alongside the feature article posted on Website Banner Advertisements must be designed in a square format and saved as a .jpeg, .png, or .gif. Maximum file size is 150 KB..
E-Newsletter Advertisement 600 x 200 px
E-Newsletter Advertisements appear alongside the monthly E-Newsletter sent to American Healthcare Leader subscribers. E-Newsletter Advertisements must be designed in a horizontal format and saved as a .jpeg, .png, or .gif. Maximum file size is 150 KB..
Homepage Website Banner Advertisement 970 x 90 px
468 x 60 px
234 x 60 px
Homepage Website Banner Advertisements appear on the homepage at and are responsive based on the platform opened (desktop, tablet or mobile). As such, all three file sizes are required to ensure clarity when viewed on each device. Homepage Website Banner Advertisements must be designed in a horizontal format and saved as a .jpeg, .png, or .gif. Maximum file size is 150 KB.

The only print advertisement file format supported by American Healthcare Leader is a press ready .pdf designed in a vector-based program and preferably exported as PDF/X-1a:2001. We cannot accept any native application files such as InDesign (.indd) or Illustrator (.ai). Do not use pantone colors. Bleed ads should include crop marks.

If your print advertisement requires a critical color match, we request a publication grade stock proof (i.e. Kodak Approval, CREO Spectrum, etc.) be mailed in addition to the press ready .pdf submission. Materials should comply with SWOP standards.

All file submissions, questions regarding materials and extensions, and related matters should be directed to your Client Services contact. Miscellaneous inquires may be emailed to

Print and/or digital submissions may be emailed to your Client Services contact or uploaded to our File Station. To access, visit the site below using the case sensitive login information. Once logged in, click on the folder labeled File Station. In the white space, drag and drop a folder labeled with your company name that includes the file(s) within. Once uploaded, please email your Client Services contact that the files have been submitted.

File Station:
Username: Uploads
Password: Gm531256


Below are three examples of effective print advertisements. Here’s what you can do to make sure that yours, too, gets the attention it deserves from readers:
• Keep your message short. Less text is more! Write short, compelling copy with a clear call to action.
• Use logos in a vector format (.eps .ai ). This will ensure logos print crisp and clean.
• Stick to a simple color palette. One or two spot colors command more attention than the entire spectrum.
• Use high-quality photography. If you choose to use imagery, make sure it is at least 300 dpi. But remember:
• Images are NOT required for an effective ad. Less photography is more, too! A single photo is more impactful than several.


Issue Reservations Materials On Sale
Issue 4, 2022 3/18/22 3/25/22 10/1/22
Issue 1, 2023 6/17/22 6/24/22 1/1/23
Issue 2, 2023 9/16/22 9/23/22 4/1/23
Issue 3, 2023 12/16/22 12/28/22 7/1/23
Issue 4, 2023 3/17/23 3/24/23 10/1/23

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