David Singer Fosters Tech Knowledge

From managing data to understanding the clinical side, one chief counsel stays on the leading edge of litigation by fostering his desire for knowledge

The idea came early on. Witnessing his father thrive under the immense pressures of in-house legal work, David Singer grew inspired to pursue his own career in law. After completing his education, Singer went on to work as a litigator in private practice. During that time, he gleaned invaluable information by working with a particularly substantial client: a large hospital. That combined experience of litigation and healthcare, coupled with an unrivaled work ethic, prepared him perfectly for his current role as chief counsel for litigation and contracts at Maxim Healthcare Services.

For more than 25 years, Maxim has provided a variety of services in home healthcare, medical staffing, and wellness. Maxim prioritizes positive experiences for everyone—clients, employees, caregivers, and patients alike. “Our driving purpose is caring, serving, and enriching lives,” Singer says. “We strive to be the employer, the provider, and the partner of choice in the healthcare-services industry.”

Participating as an active partner in all aspects of business was largely what drew Singer to in-house work in the first place, and the healthcare industry has proven to be an engaging platform for his background. “Litigation is an ever-present issue in healthcare,” he says.

David Singer, Chief Counsel of Litigation & Contracts, Maxim Healthcare Services

The role also keeps Singer on his toes. One of the biggest legal issues facing healthcare today is electronic discovery—the process of digging through vast amounts of internal electronic data to supply information during litigation. His ability to to identify and organize that flood of data at Maxim has required a healthy relationship with the information-services (IS) department—a high priority for Singer. “Understanding and embracing the technology and the organization’s systems for managing data is key,” says Singer, who built a strong relationship with IS from his first days at Maxim. “I seem to pick up the phone and call IS for assistance with every claim that comes across my desk.”

Another crucial relationship for Singer is with Maxim’s clinical team. “A large part of my job is quality improvement, which requires that I understand our clinical operations,” he says. That understanding informs and strengthens Singer’s ability to manage professional and general liabilities and commercial litigation at Maxim, as well as assisting the general counsel in managing the contracts department, all while focusing on quality improvement and risk management. “Every situation presents a different set of facts, and a firm grasp on the clinical aspects of the case helps with understanding and advising teams,” he says.

Yet, even with that thorough understanding, Singer’s thirst for knowledge is never quenched. “Every time I advise on an issue, I learn something new and have a deeper appreciation of our organization and the work of our teams,” he says. Whether developing a new policy or a new procedure that improves the business, he enjoys working with different offices to identify issues and find solutions. “The best part of working with Maxim is the people,” says Singer, who highly values the unique perspectives of Maxim’s diverse workforce.

While experience in litigation has provided an advantage to Singer in his in-house work, investing in relationships with internal and external experts has equipped him for success. His strategic mind-set and unending desire to learn make him a powerful ally to his colleagues. But perhaps Singer’s most winning trait is one that runs in the family: the ability to exhibit grace and skill under pressure—to thrive in the face of a challenge.