Why Rhonda Longmore-Grund Connected to the Red Cross

Rhonda Longmore-Grund is grateful for the work she gets to do as vice chair of the Orange County chapter of the Red Cross

Some executives with as many responsibilities as Rhonda Longmore-Grund might just want to use their free time to relax. But Longmore-Grund isn’t content with that. Instead, the executive VP and chief financial officer of Alliance HealthCare Services dives enthusiastically into volunteer work with several philanthropic organizations, including the American Red Cross.

“What really resonated for me about the Red Cross is that it has a simple mission,” Longmore-Grund says. “It helps people in what is often their greatest time of need.  The Red Cross gives them care, comfort, shelter, and some hope.”

Longmore-Grund got involved with the charity five years ago after having lunch with a former colleague who mentioned that she was chairman of the board of the Orange County chapter of the Red Cross. Longmore-Grund joined the board soon after that conversation, and now she currently serves as the vice chair of the Orange County chapter.

In her role with the Red Cross, she has had the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities with the chapter including board development, fundraising, and donor outreach.  In addition, she has met with various local governmental officials as part of a campaign to raise awareness of the Red Cross’s initiatives outside of major disaster relief. Most people only think about donating to the Red Cross after a hurricane or other major natural disaster, but the organization is responsible for much more, including support for our military families, responding to local home fires, blood drives, CPR instruction, and water-safety and disaster-preparedness education, she says.

Despite all that she does already, Longmore-Grund would like to get more involved with the on-the-ground humanitarian work the Red Cross does. She considers it a privilege to meet everyday people at Red Cross events who exemplify the humanitarian mission of the organization in their day-to-day lives. One such event, the 2017 Orange County Heroes Luncheon, where the Red Cross honored local residents of Orange County, especially resonated with her.

“It sort of affirmed my faith in humanity,” Longmore-Grund says. “I felt incredibly proud to be part of an organization that honors these types of selfless and heroic acts in the community. We have to take care of each other, right?”