Facility Spotlight: Family Health Center

family health center

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Built: 1925

Renovated: 2016

Architects: JRA Architects

When the East Broadway location of the Louisville-based Family Health Center, Inc. (FHC) outgrew its former space, the nonprofit community health center set its sights on the Standard Sanitary Building to expand. With four times the square footage of the former facility, the five-story, eighty-year-old building—a warehouse at the time it was selected—turned out to be the perfect canvas for a near-total renovation.

JRA Architects designed the layout with function in mind, aiming to reduce staff footsteps by strategically placing certain rooms to reduce travel distances. This offers easy accessibility for both patients and staff to storage spaces and exam rooms. Planners also incorporated wood tones throughout the facility and hung photographs of the city’s diverse neighborhoods on the walls, offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere for local patients.

The newly minted facility features a general health clinic, an in-house pharmacy, and a pediatrics clinic with twelve exam rooms. The end product is an expansive and gorgeous space for the healthcare providers of FHC, conducive to their mission of providing access to high-quality primary and preventive care services regardless of the patient’s ability to pay.