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Max Krevitz, Content & Advertising Manager
Alexis Widger, Content & Advertising Manager
Megan Apfelbach, Content & Advertising Manager
Erin Malone, Content & Advertising Manager
Mike Gortowski, Content & Advertising Manager
Lauren Cavers, Content & Advertising Manager
Abbey Cunningham, Content & Advertising Manager
Kemp Pile, Managing Director
Pedro Guerrero, CEO, Guerrero Howe, LLC.
Sean Conner, Managing Director of Marketing
Cheyenne Eiswald, Client Services Director
Stacy Kraft, Reprints & Circulation Director
Kristin Deitrich, Photographer/Photo Editor
Jonas Weir, Editor
Adam Kivel, Senior Editor
Kathy Kantorski, VP of Creative
Joshua Hauth, Creative Director
Lauren Keeling, Designer

About Our Publisher

Guerrero Howe is committed to showcasing the best and brightest minds working in America today. Founded by Pedro Guerrero in 2006, Guerrero Howe is an award-winning publisher based in Chicago. The company publishes Advantage Magazine, American Builders Quarterly, American Healthcare Leader, Hispanic Executive, Modern Counsel, Profile Magazine, and Sync Magazine, and in 2015, helped launch The Alumni Society. In addition to its own publications, Guerrero Howe has produced custom publications on behalf of several organizations, including Hispanics in Philanthropy and the US Green Building Council.

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Our Team